Preparing Your Home to Sell

Preparing Your Home to Sell

The Carlin Team makes it our job to educate you on the art of getting your home ready for a quick sale. Once we have your home listed, we will make recommendations for staging your home? in the best possible manner. We know the feeling your home creates maximizes the profit you will make. In the meantime, here’s a checklist for preparing your home to sell:


  • Mow, trim, weed and pick up lawn and garden
  • Wash windows, inside and out
  • Repair windows and screens
  • Repair and repaint as needed


  • Check condition of furnace and water heater
  • Fix leaky faucets
  • Repair wall cracks and paint as needed
  • Clean and organize garage and attic
  • Neutralize décor
  • Unclutter kitchen and bathrooms
  • Clean and wax floors
  • Straighten closets
  • Clean and polish sinks, mirrors and all surfaces
  • Clean and deodorize all rooms
  • Rearrange furniture for openness
  • Arrange pictures
  • Add potted plants


  • Unclutter countertops
  • Open shades and draperies
  • Put out fresh flowers
  • Spot check cleaning
  • Clear driveways and walk areas
  • Plan activities while you are away
  • Empty wastebaskets and garbage cans